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My name is Emily Meyer. I grew up in upstate New York. No not New York City, not some farm land, just a nice city called Rochester. November 7th of 2015 I married my best friend. God has allowed many trials to come through already, but the adventures are just beginning. We moved to Bangor, Maine on August 5th, 2017. Some bad circumstances brought us here, but God can make light out of any darkness.


I was brought up eating healthy foods because my Mom is a holistic nutritional counselor. She runs a biofeedback machine, sells vitamins out of our home shop, the whole nine yards. When I was a kid she would crush up vitamins and mix them into my applesauce. To this day I won’t touch applesauce. It’s no wonder though, that I continued that healthy lifestyle. I continue to take vitamins (sold by her) regularly, I love working out, and I love experimenting with healthy foods in new and exciting ways.

Another major contributor to my cooking style is all of my food allergies. I started to find out about my allergies at a very young age. When I was too young to remember my Mom said she tried to give me a bite of ice cream and my face got so swollen my brother was boinging my ears. When I got allergy tested as a kid, with the skin test, the doctor said the reactions on my back were some of the worst he had ever seen. I was allergic to dairy, soy, eggs, peanuts, Brazil nuts, and hazelnuts and nearly everything that’s grows outside, and basically every type of animal that you would want as a pet (no insult to my perfect ferrets). Just about 10 years ago I found out I’m also allergic to gluten, which was definitely no easy addition to my list. I’m so blessed that over the years some of my allergies became less sensitive. For a time during Middle School and early High School I was even able to eat dairy and eggs like a normal person. Now my allergies are a little bit worse, but nowhere near as bad as what some people have to deal with. Nothing will make my throat close up, but it could certainly make me throw up. I’ll stop this topic before I make you sick! But yes, I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this. My allergies have a tremendous impact on the way I eat and the way I’ve learned to cook and bake. I think the time in middle school and high school where I could eat normal food was so important. If I couldn’t ever taste real food then how would I know what my imitation food should taste like? Because I went many years eating food just like anyone else, I still crave dairy and gluten and all the textures and flavors that go along with them. So I try to make food that satisfies my cravings and that will satisfy yours too.

The main purpose of this site is to share my recipes with all of you. I also want to use this site to tell you all about my family and my life. I want to share my ideas and advice for healthy living, including exercise, food choices, and faith. A big part of my life is my faith. I’m a Christian. A lot of people get confused by that word. “Are you Catholic, Protestant, what are you?” The best answer I have is that I’m a follower of Jesus Christ who believes in and follows the Bible (to the best of my ability). So while this site is to share my love for food, I have to share my love for God as well because I wouldn’t have this site or this passion without him creating it in me.

Come to this site for recipes and discussions on healthy food, stories of my happy life (and honesty when it’s not so happy), and hope in God.


And… “Whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”

1 Corinthians 10:31